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What to Do About Window Condensation

Just like humans, your windows can sweat, which you know as condensation.

Temperature and moisture differences between the air inside and outside your home cause condensation. This results in water vapor turning to liquid, which clings to glass surfaces on windows and doors.

Three Kinds of Window Condensation

There are three ways condensation can occur in your home:

  • Exterior condensation: If condensation is forming on the outside of your windows, congratulations! Your windows are working. This is just dew, which can show up on your windows during summer.
  • Interior condensation: If the condensation is on the inside of your window pane, that means you have too much moisture in the air inside your home. This happens during the winter because the outside air is colder than the air inside. This can even happen in new homes because the windows are trapping moisture inside.
  • Condensation in between your window panes: This is more common in older homes and typically occurs because your window seal is broken. Unfortunately, this means you have to repair or replace your windows.

When Is Condensation an Issue?

Condensation between your window panes and interior condensation can be a problem if it’s excessive. The moisture can cause mold to grow, which may create a variety of health issues. It can also damage the structure of your home.

Excess condensation is not necessarily an issue if you are doing construction or remodeling your home, as building materials can hold a lot of moisture. If this doesn’t go away after the first heating season, you may have a problem.

How to Fix Window Condensation

The solution to interior condensation is to reduce the humidity level inside your home. Ventilation is key, so products such as dehumidifiers and window insulation kits help. Using your exhaust fans can help as well, especially those in your kitchen and bathroom. These indoor air changes are typically in your control.

Storm windows reduce interior condensation because they have two panes. Weather stripping can help as well and will make your home more energy efficient.

Condensation between the two panes means you have a leak in the seal, which needs to be fixed. It’s difficult to do this yourself, so you likely need to call a professional. Learn more about how to fix condensation between window panes.

Window Repair and Replacement

At Glass Doctor®, we specialize in fixing all kinds of glass windows—including double pane windows. We do everything we can to repair your windows, which is better and cheaper than a full replacement. If you need the project done in a hurry, ask our experts about our same-day window repair services.

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