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Tempered Glass Tabletops

Glass Doctor® is your local resource for home glass services, including tempered glass tabletops, mirrors and window repair. We provide free estimates and in-home consultations. To learn more about Glass Doctor, our pricing, and our offered services, read through the article below or call our glass professionals today at 855-603-1919.

What is Tempered Glass?

Our expert-level glaziers know tempered glass, which is sometimes called toughened glass or safety glass. Tempered glass is chemically treated during the heating and cooling process to add certain properties. Typically, when tempered glass breaks, there are no jagged shards because it shatters into tiny squares that help minimize injuries.

When choosing tempered glass for your tabletop, our glass specialists measure the exact size you need for your space. Glass Doctor manufactures tempered glass to size and enables you to customize the tint and edges to help you get the look you love.

How Much Will Tempered Glass Cost?

The cost of your tabletop depends on the type and thickness of the glass. Glass Doctor offers free estimates, in-home consultations, and clear upfront pricing to ensure you get the tempered glass you need at a price you can afford. 

Glass Doctor Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers and value every customer comment, question and concern. Below are some customer testimonials about Glass Doctor and our services.

  • “Thank you Glass Doctors for repairing my windshield fast and most of all for cleaning (sweeping) up all the shards of glass inside my truck, will highly recommend you to my friends Thanks again.”—Linda M.
  • “They do great work. They come out and do free estimates—even on Saturday. The specialist was knowledgeable, and I was able to just replace the glass in my failed condensed and foggy east facing windows, and saved a ton versus replacing all the windows. Good value and response.”—Ed B.
  • “Added a new shower enclosure by Glass Doctor. Though there was a leak under the fixed panels after the installation and first use, Glass Doctor Atlanta fixed it immediately by taking care of the area at base supports. They also provided a nice door stopper. We are happy with their service and quality.”—Ramkumar V.

Find the Perfect Custom Glass Tabletops at Glass Doctor

If you are searching for tempered glass tabletops, Glass Doctor can help simplify the shopping process. Contact Glass Doctor today for your free estimate at 855-603-1919.  


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