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Buying or Replacing Sliding Shower Doors with Glass Doctor

How do you know which sliding shower doors to choose for your home? And what should you keep an eye out for during your search? Glass Doctor® answers these questions for you, then expertly install the perfect sliding shower door in your bathroom.

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Different Types of Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors come in a variety of thicknesses, designs and shapes. Two of the most common thicknesses are ⅜ inch glass and ½ inch glass. The first is slightly less expensive, due to the fact that it is thinner. However, ½ inch glass can often feel more substantial and provide your project with a greater degree of structural integrity.

For the design and shape of your door, you have the following options:

Fully Frameless Doors

These are shower doors without the traditional metal frames. These provide a more modern look to your space.

Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

This option includes frameless enclosures—rectangular or hexagonal—that will work with the shape of your bathroom to provide an elegant aesthetic.

Semi-frameless Doors

These are shower doors with fewer frames, to provide a more open feel, but with the structural soundness that frames provide.

Framed Doors

This is a trusted and traditional approach to the look of your bathroom.

Different Shower Door Glass Options

Since every homeowner is different, it only makes sense that every homeowner may need a different type of glass for their sliding shower doors. When you work with us, you will have your pick from the following options:

Shower Options:

  • Annealed glass
  • Cast glass
  • Clear glass
  • Rain glass
  • Hammered glass
  • Heavy glass

Professional Assistance from Glass Doctor

The material and design you choose for your sliding shower doors will make a big impact on your home. So, you should trust your glass door installation to only the most experienced team of professionals. At Glass Doctor, we’ll expertly install your bathroom’s new sliding glass door. Or, if you prefer to work with us from start to finish, we will cut a custom-sized door to fit your needs.

Call us at 855-603-1919 to schedule an appointment for your sliding shower door installation.