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What Is Laminated Glass? Learn How to Use It in Your Home

Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass, which means it is less likely to splinter into pieces if it breaks. It is one of the most popular types of safety glass because it holds together when shattered.

How Laminated Glass Is Made

Laminated glass is made when glass panes are joined together by one or more internal layers, usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). If the glass breaks, the fragments adhere to the interlayer, which absorbs impact and minimizes the damage.

Laminated glass can be insulated with multiple layers. For example, double laminated insulating glass has two laminated boards with a space in between.

Laminated glass products are made of ordinary “annealed” glass or tempered glass—another kind of safety glass that’s stronger because it’s toughened glass. Many compare the differences between laminated and tempered glass when choosing safety glass, but you can have both.

Laminated Glass Uses and Benefits

Based on the type and thickness of the interlayer, laminated glass can be:

Laminated glass products come in a variety of interlayer options, as well as round, arched, pentagon and other customized shapes. The glass can be cut to size with polished edges. You’ll find laminated options are transparent, opaque or colored. The glass is easy to maintain as well.

Because of these benefits, laminated glass has many uses including:

Laminated Glass Projects

  • Skylights
  • Windshields for cars, RVs and boats
  • Ground-level windows and doors
  • Storefront displays
  • Building exteriors, particularly in high-risk areas for hurricanes or high winds

Installing Laminated Glass with Glass Doctor®

If you need laminated glass for a commercial building or laminated glass doors for your home, it’s important that safety glass is properly installed.

Glass Doctor professionals will advise on when to use tempered or laminated glass based on your needs. Customers have trusted our certified professionals to install their safety glass for more than four decades. We will install cut-to-size glass as well.

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