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Transform Your Trash To Treasure

We have all heard of recycling to not only make the most of items, but to protect our landfills from overflowing. But have you heard about upcycling? This is the practice of reusing otherwise discarded items to create something of a higher quality or value than the original. It means you can take someone else’s trash and turn it in to your own treasure. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas on how to repair, refurbish, redo and recycle items in to beautiful items for your home. Check out some of the fun things we found to make use of old and discarded items.

  • Baby gates can be put outside and used as a trellis in the garden for growing plants.
  • Large, old canning jars can be painted and then used as flower vases – especially good for gift giving.
  • Have expired credit cards or old loyalty cards? You can inexpensively purchase a guitar pic maker that makes guitar pics from a variety of old cards.
  • Have a scratched or old coffee table? Stain pieces of wood to the color you like or that matches the legs and use wood glue to secure to the top. It’s a whole new table
  • Colored marbles are great to fill holes in wood fences – the sunlight bounces off them and lights up the yard.
  • Cheap pictures in frames that are not to your taste? Use it as a serving tray!
  • Old jars are great holders for tea lights, especially outdoors in the evening when hosting guests. Place sand on the bottom with shells for an extra special touch.
  • If you can get a hold of old wood or a door from a barn, try using it as a frame for a mirror. Just needs the glass.
  • Turn old utensils in to wall hooks for coats, or put them in the garden holding labels for vegetable identification.
  • Paint an old shutter and hang on the wall to hold magazines.
  • Switched to a shower door? Use your shower hooks in the closet on to hold purses and jewelry.
  • Hang an old shoe rack on the back of the pantry door and use it to store individually packaged items like granola bars and snack packs.
  • Stack old books in an even square or rectangle neatly to create a table or desk.
  • Use old light bulbs by carefully popping a whole in the metal end and hang upside down to fill with water and small flowers. You can use wire to hang them outside from trees.

What are you doing with old items that others find fabulous? Send us a picture of your greatest remodel or reused project!