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Must-Haves For Your Backyard Super Bowl Party

Although the season lasts for six months, loyal fans don’t ever want football season to end. Football fans love to tailgate, wear face paint, cheer for their favorite players, and hang out with friends or even strangers who have the same love for the game. With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, dedicated football fanatics are beginning to plan their own Super Bowl party.

Glass Doctor® wants to help prevent any ‘panes’ you may have in preparing for your Super Bowl Sunday party so you can wow your friends and family with the best outdoor tailgating Super Bowl bash. Here are the top 8 Super Bowl party ideas and must-haves for an unforgettable get-together:

1: Plenty of Seats
You must have enough seats for your guests. You could purchase new chairs, but why do that when you can borrow lawn chairs from a neighbor, or just ask your friends to BYOC- Bring Your Own Chair. Consider your space when inviting company. If you are able, we recommend comfortable seating. Everyone will want a soft spot to sit during the game, or at least during the commercials.

2: Clean Up Your Outdoor Space
In the winter months, most people’s backyard space is not in pristine condition. Don’t wait until the last minute to rake the leaves and power-wash your back porch. Also, don’t forget to clean your windows. If you find broken or cracked windows that need replacing, contact Glass Doctor for all of your glass repair needs right away.

3: Food and Beverages
You can get by without many things at a party, but insufficient food or drinks will ruin a party and drive guests to leave early. Get to the store early to stock up on your favorite snacks and beverages. If you don’t have a go-to snack, you can find a great recipe here.

4: Who to Invite
Carefully consider whom you are inviting to your party. Will the guests all get along? Could the outcome of the game cause a heated dispute? Can guests bring their children? It’s important to think about this before you invite a gaggle of guests into your home.

5: Home Entertainment
On Super Bowl Sunday, more people are glued to a television than any other day of the year. You need to confirm your TV, cable and sound system are game-day ready, especially if you are setting it up in the backyard. Test all of your equipment several days before the game.

6: Facilities
A large group of people bring a large mess. Make sure you have plenty of trash cans around the backyard and house. This will make for an easier cleanup after the party. Have an abundant supply of paper towels ready for spills and other messes that may occur. Also, keep in mind you will need to have your bathroom stocked with plenty of toilet paper.

7: Have a Back Up Plan
You never know what the weather might bring or what circumstances could force you to change your plans. Have an alternative plan ready. Have an extra TV handy as well, just in case yours goes out. Also, have a few additional beverages in the fridge to keep your guests happy.

8: Enjoy the Game!
Don’t forget why you invited everyone over: to watch a great game, entertaining commercials and consume heaps of junk food. Enjoy!