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Mom Wants Smudge-Free Windows for Mother's Day

Mom works hard. This year, deliver a sparkling gift for Mother’s Day: Clean windows and glass, granting Mom a day of rest from her seemingly never-ending list of household duties.

A Shining Example of Your Love

Quickly wrap-up all those gross glass situations with the help of these natural glass cleaning solutions - and a little cuteness. Grab a pack of heart-shaped sticky notes, and give Mom a little cleaning love this Mother’s Day…

  • I See You
    Show Mom you notice all she does, polishing those bathroom and household mirrors to a streak-free shine, beginning by removing soap, makeup and spatters with a rubbing alcohol pre-wipe with a cotton ball or pad, followed by a thorough cleaning with newspaper or a microfiber cloth, and leaving behind little (sticky) love notes for all the things you appreciate Mom doing for you.
  • (Sweet &) Sticky Little Fingers
    Fingerprints on glass can seem like a never-ending battle, especially for mothers of small children. Here again, a pre-wash can help you avoid any dirt or food-encrusted streaks. Follow with a thorough cleaning with a solution of equal parts water and distilled white vinegar, plus three drops of liquid dish soap. Buff dry with a lint free cloth, newspaper, or coffee filters, which pack the same punch as newspaper, without the inky-aftermath. And don’t forget to show your love with a special Mother’s Day message!
  • Mom’s Taxi
    Remove face prints and foggy fingerprint artwork remnants from Mom’s car windows, skipping the usual glass cleaner in favor of auto glass cleaner to keep all car surfaces safe, including window tint. Skip linty paper towels in favor of a microfiber cloth, which is not only multi-surface friendly, but helps fight streaks. Then light up the dashboard with a sticky note display that shows Mom the love.
  • I Woof You
    Nose smudges and drool on the sliding glass door are anything but cute - but luckily their furry culprits are. One of the best things to clean windows with doggy and kitty nose prints is a simple solution of vinegar and water. Safe for your furry friends, simply mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water, wipe, repeat, then dry with a soft cloth.

Listen to Your Mother

Follow these glass cleaning rules to ensure picture-perfect results:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight – this is how to get streak free windows.
  2. Work from top-to-bottom.
  3. Keep-it-simple when it comes to cleaning solutions, using the simple, natural solutions indicated above, or the correct commercially available cleaner for the job.

Cozy-up to Mom with clean windows this Mother’s Day (and maybe a little takeout). Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working moms out there from the Glass Doctor family!