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Mason Jar Madness: Fall Air Fresheners

There is no denying that Mason Jars are insanely popular right now. With many uses, everyone is sure to love them. You can make vases; use them as cups or string lights in them for decorations. What a lot of people don’t know is that these Mason Jars can also be used as a flameless air freshener. Here are a few ways that you can use your jar to make your room or desk smell much better:

  • DIY baking soda air freshening jars: First, trace the lid on scrapbook paper and cut it out. Put the scrapbook paper in the Mason Jar ring and use a tack to punch holes in it. Next, fill about ¾ of the jar with baking soda. Finally, add essential oils and herbs of your choice. The more you add, the stronger the scent. Put the lid on and let the smell fill the room.
  • DIY potpourri with dried flowers: Another easy air freshener is by making your own potpourri using dried flowers. First, take a clean Mason Jar and add your dried flowers. Then add some essential oils to it. Close the lid and let the flowers absorb the oils for a couple of weeks; when you reopen the jar, you will have a new way to keep your room smelling good.
  • Scent booster air freshener: Once again, using baking soda and a Mason Jar, you can create a good air freshener.  This time, add scent boosters (the same stuff you add to your laundry). This will help your room smell just like clean laundry.  Substitute the scent boosters for coffee beans and your kitchen will smell like rich warm coffee.

Mason Jar air fresheners can help you get in the spirit of Fall and make your home smell good at the same time. For more Mason Jar crafts, visit this blog!

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