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Make it a Smiley Kind of Day

Say “Cheese!”

Did you know that that October 3 was World Smile Day?  That’s right. There’s an entire day dedicated to showing off your pearly whites.  Well, to be perfectly honest, the day was originally created by the creator of the ever-so-popular yellow ‘smiley’ emoji and the intent was to encourage folks to participate in acts of kindness and, of course, to smile!

So, there you go… a holiday dedicated to a smiley kind of day.  And think about it…who doesn’t feel good smiling?  Admittedly, there may be some times that you have to fake it, but did you know that even if you fake a smile your mood can improve and your stress level can decrease?  And get this; there are actual bonafide health benefits to smiling too! But here’s our question to you, why can’t we make it World Smile Every Day?  Because, after all, just like Glass Doctor® fixes your panes, a smile can fix your pains! 

Are you smiling yet?  Just in case you need a little nudging, here are a few of the awesomely, cool side effects of smiling.

  • Smiling releases endorphins that can be effective for pain management.
  • Smiling reduces stress, which ultimately helps your heart.  Studies have actually shown that folks who smile live longer.
  • Smiling can help your endurance during physical activity, and we all know that regular physical activity is key to maintaining good health.
  • Smiling is contagious.  Here’s an experiment…go to a park or playground and watch a child smiling and having fun.  You’ll soon feel a tug on the corners of your mouth.  No doubt, a smile is inevitable.
  • Smiling makes us more attractive and more approachable.  Think about it, how eager are you to approach someone with a grumpy-Gus scowl?

There you go.  Don’t hold back.  Let your smile take over.  And if those fantastical, smile-worthy side effects still aren’t enough to get you grinning from ear-to-ear, here are a couple of videos that’ll get you smiling!

Make it a say-cheese kind of day, every day!