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Blogs in July 2017

A bathroom with a frameless glass shower door

You hear all the time about how some features add to the value of your home while others do not. If the goal is to increase your ROI when selling your home, you need to choose the right renovations. Is an updated shower one of them? Yes, but with some stipulations. Here’s how to tell what...Read more

Are you shopping for a new patio door? You have many options to choose from, but in the end, a sliding glass door could be the best decision. Glass Doctor® recommends selecting a sliding glass door to bring more light into your home and help you make the most of your outdoor space. Here’s a...Read more

Antique glass doorknob

Are you looking to add a little vintage flare to your home, but you’re not sure where to start? Consider incorporating the classic look of glass doorknobs into your space. Glass doorknobs and pulls are timeless and can add something special to your otherwise modern décor. Continue reading to...Read more

The Declaration of Independance

It’s been a rough and wild ride for the Declaration of Independence since its 1776 inception. One of the most importance documents in the history of democracy, it leads one to question why efforts to preserve it were largely ignored for 127 years. On display in the rotunda of the National...Read more