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5 Tips to Packing Healthier Lunches

5 Tips to Packing Healthier Lunches image

“I’ll trade you my bologna sandwich for your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Admit it. You’ve been there. You’ve traded a lunch item or two during your days in school. It’s almost a childhood rite of passage to do lunchroom food swaps. Yet, as we all become more diligent in trying to eat healthier, our kiddos’ fun lunchroom food trades can be counter-productive to our long-term goals.

To prevent a trade for not-so-healthy food, pack lunches that are so scrumptiously, delicious kiddos won’t even think about trading. How in the world do you do that? Well, you will actually need to do a few swaps. But have no fear. Your Glass Doctor professionals are making a house call just for you with 5 easy tips to help you make an “it’s mine” kind of lunch that’s just too tasty to trade.

Tip 1 – Swap bread for a whole grain pita or wrap.

Ham and Cheese Pitas from Good Housekeeping

Buffalo Chicken Wrap from Eating Well

Tip 2 - Swap chips for flatbread crisps or pita crisps.

Parmesan Pita Chips from Good Housekeeping

Toasted Pita Crisps from Eating Well

Tip 3 - Swap processed sweets for homemade goodies.

No Bake Cookies from Eating Well

Cocoa Nut Bananas from Eating Well

Tip 4 - Swap prepackaged trail mixes for custom snack mixes.

Snack Mix Recipes from Cooking Light

21 Healthier Trail Mix Recipes to Make Yourself from Greatist

Tip 5 - Swap sugary juices and sodas for naturally flavored waters.

How to Make Healthy Flavored Water at Home from Greatist

14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters to Drink Instead of Soda from Buzzfeed Life

Try out these swaps for a week and see what happens. Lunchtime trades may just become a thing of the past. Make sure to let us know if you come up with your own swap.