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5 Tips To Be A Happier You

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Here’s the question of the day, are you happy? Do you have a sparkle in your eye, a pep in your step and a child-like giggle in your voice? In the 80s, Bobby McFerrin told us not to worry and to just be happy. Now we have Pharrell who’s well, he’s just happy. But is it really that easy? Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

So, maybe it is actually that easy after all. We just have to sit down and decide to be happy. But just in case you need a little guidance, your Glass Doctor® professionals have come up with 5 tips to help you be a happier you.

Fake it until you make it.

If you deliberately act cheerful, guess what? You will start feeling cheerful. And what do cheerful people do? They smile! Turn that frown upside down and put a smile on your face. Try smiling the next time you’re feeling a bit grumpy and see what happens. It’ll get easier each time you do it.

Smile! 5 Reasons It Will Make You Happy from MindBodyGreen

Look on the bright side.

Is your glass half full? Do you look at the world through rose-colored glasses? Do you see the rose among the thorns? You get the idea. Not only are optimistic people happier, they’re also more self confident, more persistent and generally just healthier. So, the next time you lose your keys, look at it as an opportunity to get in a little bit of exercise as you’re running around the house trying to kind them.

How Does Optimism Make You A Happy Person? from For Dummies

Surround yourself with happy people.

Did you know that happiness is actually contagious? We could all benefit from catching a case of happiness! Think Sponge Bob Square Pants type people – well, except maybe not quite as obnoxious.

Study: Happiness IS Contagious from care2

Laugh…a lot.

It’s plain and simple…you laugh when you’re happy. Plus, there are a ton of health benefits associated with laughing too.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine from Helpguide

Get moving.

It’s a vicious circle, you’re tired and stressed and just don’t feel like exercising. We get it. But did you know that exercise is actually one of the best stress relievers and it gives you an energy boost? Exercise also releases those wonderful little happy chemicals into your brain!

7 Surprising Ways Exercise Can Make You Happier from 12 Minute Athlete

So, ask yourself this question, “Do I want to be an Eeyore today or do I want to be a Tigger?” We vote Tigger!